Aida Kechiche Mokadem

Aida Kechiche Mokadem

Founder-Managing Director, Katkoot Media DMCC

Currently employed at Katkoot Media DMCC


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    About Katkoot and experiential marketing: At Katkoot we believe that the best way to win new customers is to let them try your product first hand, at a time when they actually need or look for it and in environment conducive for exploration and learning. This is the very essence of experiential marketing: timing, location and focus. We offer you a rare window opportunity to showcase your product or service in the best environment. We only offer to moms leading brands that will provide the greater satisfaction, while responding to the best standards of quality. Moms only want the best for their families so as soon as they find out the right product it is a no brainer for them... Our programs: Katkoot has designed several distribution programs to ensure continuous contact with the moms, at the most crucial moments: pregnancy registration, birth and special events. Where to find the coveted Katkoot bags? The Katkoot bags are precious gifts delivered directly to mums in maternity wards of hospitals and in a targeted network such as midwives prenatal classes . We also provide our bags during our special events. We are constantly expanding our network to ensure that a maximum number of moms benefit from our exclusive offering.


Founder-Managing Director

At Katkoot Media DMCC

From April 2012 to Present


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