Junaid Murshid Nasser

Junaid Murshid Nasser

Head of Foreign Investment at Alzayani Investment WLL

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Currently employed at Alzayani Investment WLL

Previous: Noor Capital



    I serves as a Head of Foreign Investment in the Structured Finance & Capital Markets unit at ALZAYANI INVESTMEN WLL, in which i has led significant financing's in a number of sectors, such as aerospace, real estate, oil and gas and infrastructure, We focused on growth and value creation across financial services, real estate, technology,including Aircraft leasing, financial services,Hospitality, Renewable energy, Healthcare, Offshore Oil and Gas Services and Infrastructure, Grew business from 5 people to 100 in 2 years in emerging markets yielding 96% growth delivering in excess of 25% net profit. Managed projects up to 300 million USD. Multi-disciplined management professional with deep understanding of Procurement, Finance, HR and Business Development specifically in the area of Real Estate, Consulting and Professional Services. More than 20 years of experience working for a wide range of organizations (total 10 organizations) including the World Bank.


Head of Foreign Investment

At Alzayani Investment WLL

From January 2006 to Present

Finance Advisor

At Noor Capital

From January 2009 to September 2017