Mohamed Saif Al Ghurair

Mohamed Saif Al Ghurair

CEO, Al Ghurair Group

Currently employed at Al Ghurair Group

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    I am Mr Mohamed Saif Al Ghurair from Al Ghurair Group , Dubai . I am The Group Chairman, pioneer of the business society and a pillar in the community. I created my profile here on a personal purpose to earn profit by investing in private companies that need financial support and money to expands the business I hope this site will be helpfull for those who needs help for professional business leaders to guide them in their bussiness and also support them financially . As i am in the business line for more than 40 years hope the young company owners will make use this chance to learn and get something they are looking for to succeed in the business . Best Regards M. Saif Al Ghurair Group




At Al Ghurair Group



At Al Ghurair Group

From 1984 to 2010

Dubai Business School, Deira

Business Administration, Dubai Business School

From 1958 to 1964
Business Studies


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